Venus Near-Conjunct Neptune in its home of Pisces / by jill mckenna

Gray, dreary Sunday music, an always fav… Piano Magic - Crown of the Lost ft. Vashti Bunyan. my tears leave a skull on the pillow | my tooth leaves my blood on the sheet


I dreamed I lived in an old house with my child and a few roommates, who were out for the day. We found a scorpion in the house and I tried to throw a bowl over it to take it outside but I missed and it ran off.

Later I was reclining and it walked up me and stabbed me in the stomach. I thought, better me than my child. Later at the hospital, they had to cut out a large portion of my skin and give me 50 stitches. Having terrific fear about being kept there and losing freedom and autonomy, I waited until the staff left me alone, then I walked out wearing my gown. I went out into an indoor commerce type area where I began to bleed and faint, but I refused to go back to the hospital. Two hospital staff members passed me and lifted me and carried me back.

…ask me about processing through my sometimes painful relationships with strong Scorpios. 🦂