full Moon in Scorpio / by jill mckenna

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The Full Moon in Scorpio is sextile Pluto, opposite Sun and Merc in Taurus conjunct fixed star Algol, w/ Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus conjunct dwarf planet Sedna. Whew. Leave Sedna and Algo out for a second, though they are super interesting. Let's just say they add potency here.

This Scorpio Full Moon is happening at 27 degrees of Scorpio. The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is “The king of the fairies approaching his domain.” This is a moon of returning to some part of ourselves so long-lost, that we had forgotten it ever existed, but encountering it again means a rush of old familiarity and potentially (if we use this energy) gaining a huge, huge portion of our true selves back.

Scorpio is the dark, rich, teeming water we are afraid to enter let alone touch the bottom of. This much light in such a dark place reveals us to ourselves. What is the thing we keep trying to walk around, ignore, move past in our lives & say we are done with that just keeps pulling us back? Here, things we haven't been able to see about ourselves or wanted to look at become clear. Feelings we have ambled around with, ignoring or thinking we will get to later, are like rocks in our shoes... if we just stop and get them out, we feel so much better. This moon is about vulnerability, intimacy, truth, and our personal power and liberation which spoiler alert, exists exclusively within our vulnerability.

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Mercury lends the urge to get our feelings out, whether that's on paper, in an email or letter, journal, non-verbal communication, whatever, but we have a lovely window to use Mercury as a doula for all of the feelings Scorpio contracts and expands, ready to be born. It’s a chance for us to speak our truth to ourselves and for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to made, outward.

The Moon's sextile to Pluto means we might suddenly be in touch with (or unable to look past) primal feelings and bone-deep knowledge related to transactions with others be it in sex and connection, finances, and resources we share or transact with others, especially psychic connections. Pluto transforms us towards our deeper truth.

With Venus and Uranus meeting in Taurus don't be surprised if there are striking realizations or shakeups around love and money. The sheen and narratives we try to convince ourselves of suddenly feel obvious and gauche. Authenticity wants to hit air; holistic feeling vs. manufactured decisions. This isn't tiny—we haven’t had a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus in 80 years. Things we have been trying to brush past for a while or have felt like a small fly buzzing near us can suddenly bonk us on the head. Feelings or situations that have seemed slowly growing can begin to manifest in earnest. It's a good time to be open and honest about significant gifts the universe has been repeatedly trying to give us, especially if they feel awkward or hard. Venus here (or, our love and the way we love) can have a sudden realization about its identity and truth. We can grow tired of what we think and be internally honest about our desires.

Algol is a very interesting and potent fixed star. The full moon opposite Sun, Algol, and Mercury gives us a gift—a wonderful chance to know our deepest fear and therefore minimize its potency, allowing us to become deeply liberated and free. We can stop beating ourselves up for feeling limited or controlled by monsters-of-our-own-making. We can open up to begin experiencing compassion, and kindness in the areas related to this potent point.

All of this energy lends itself to seeing things that are all at once, known, and suddenly so obvious to us but we couldn't see them clearly... very forest for the trees, very dark side of the moon being revealed. Once we see and learn portions of our truth (or the truth that belongs to others and they taught us or imposed upon us despite our best efforts), we can't go on living the way we were. We must move forward. This is a moon that illuminates aspects of soul-needs and soul-longing. Scorpio always offers us the place where pleasure, pain, and Truth collide, deeply liberating us. Use this moon to say yes to what you feel, explore it, feel into the deep, raw ache, take chances, and liberate yourself.

Trust your body, trust its process. Do not hold back. Cry, speak, scream, show, act, manifest, get it out. Honor what rises. Get present in your hips and pelvis... slow hip circles and rooting, cradle your hips, stretch after a long hot shower or bath, do hot yoga, get into the deep connective areas where we store so much emotion we are afraid to release. Drink so much water. This moon makes the work a bit less biting and all the more beneficial. Less sharp, more easing. Do Starhawk's classic grounding meditation (youtube), pull red, orange, and yellow light up from the center of the earth and heal your own energy, root into yourself. Free yourself, and hold yourself in the real truth we spend so much time trying not to encounter and process.

I love this full moon already. Yesterday I administered EMDR to myself at home (do *not* do this... I have had decades of therapy and 3 years of EMDR, and my best friend and therapist's phone numbers were sitting next to me... if you want to know more about EMDR, DM me). I realize now that this was totally me slotting myself into this new moon, a place of pain, truth, and release I’ve been realizing slowly over years I needed to encounter. There was something so old, so primary that has been such an immense obstruction for me through my life that I instinctively knew I had to dismantle it completely, in an act of profound self-liberation.

Trust your own process, overturn the stones inside yourself, find the bruise and study it. Move into the thing you haven’t really been able to get around. Tenderly dissect your deepest fear. The only way through, is through.