full Moon in Sagittarius / by jill mckenna

This Full Moon offers a tone of play, but play in the form of practicing what we’re manifesting. We have run through something so many times in our minds, tried it out in safe places in our life, and are now understanding how we need to move forth based on now feeling prepared. This moon can draft up the schematic for a maturity we have been working towards, but it might require more discomfort first. Sagittarius is curious, open, moral, yet physical and grounded. At the same time it can be tactless, overly optimistic, and irresponsible.

At this full moon we might be feeling a little uncertain about where to go next. We know we can't go backwards--those behaviors are poorly tailored to us now, but moving forward feels awkward and confusing. This moon’s illumination can lend optimism, new vision, adventure, and expansion in the coming weeks. We can suddenly understand the concrete steps we need to take, versus endlessly spinning ideas and fantasy. This full moon crystallizes our inspired vision and lends realizations about how to make our hopes and dreams for the future begin to coalesce.

This moon is a little bit like finding a steady, large boulder on a beach that we can climb upon in order to gain vantage. We might suddenly be able to see a larger horizon than the one we were perceiving. True to Sagittarius (perhaps the sign best at looking at the big picture, along with Aquarius), this moon can move our minds past the immediate to our future and faith, allowing us to clearly imagine the ideal reality we want to experience.

Odilon Redon, Centaur Taking Aim at the Clouds, 1895, AIC

Odilon Redon, Centaur Taking Aim at the Clouds, 1895, AIC

A major influence on this full moon is Jupiter square Neptune the day before. This aspect happens three times this year, with this being the 2nd. The 1st was on Jan 13th and the final square will be September 21st. When planets create a series of 3 aspects to each other, there’s a story being told and a lesson being taught. Look back at your calendar in the fist through mid-part of January to understand what was going on for you regarding beliefs, new opportunities and thinking, growth, hopes and dreams, and new inspiration. What felt exciting and fresh, but also scary due to being new?

Since then, how have you engaged with and expanded those new paths of inspiration related to personal hopes and dreams and emotional connection, or where have you regressed back? This full moon is profoundly asking us to grow, again, especially when it’s uncomfortable. Sagittarius forges forth because it has such an incredible ability to see the landscape. It can put itself through significant discomfort and learning in order to achieve its vision, especially when that vision relates to its values, faith, and hope. We can gain an amazing upgrade to our perception here, if we follow Sag's urging, point to a new star and allow it to become our point of orientation.

This full moon illuminates the space between our actions and our hopes, and asks us to determine where we are behaving in agreement with or against ourselves and our hoped-for future. Where are we telling ourselves what we should do, based on outdated, default habits and thinking, and how do we need to start honoring our dreams and desires so that they can manifest? Where can we be more in alignment with who we are now and where we want to be in 5, 10, 15 years? The July eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn will underline, highlight, and bold these themes (again), especially with regard to our family of origin and our own, personal family we are making or have made.

Neptune stations retrograde just a few days after the full moon, and then stations direct in late November. Outer planet retrogrades are less intense than those closest to us. We can observe them keenly in the zeitgeist and are already doing so with regard to Neptune’s themes of illusion/disillusionment, fantasy versus reality, idealism, cognitive dissonance, and vision.

Ask yourself how you want to behave, manifest, and think differently, with regard to faith, personal philosophy, beliefs and actions, because likely you already know and have begun positioning yourself accordingly. Observe which possibilities you have denied or pushed away since January due to believing the risk was too great, it would be too difficult, or felt unlikely to result in success based on past traumas. Each of those feelings is a different way of allowing fear to rule actions.

Sagittarius is an all-star, gold medal pro at risk/reward. The themes related to belief, hope, habits, wishes, and dreams that are arising now don’t ask you to have it all figured out or to get it all correct now., but it does ask you to take aim and ready. Sagittarius knows better than any other sign that everything is a learning process. We will fail often before building muscle memory, and that’s what needs to happen. Our aim improves every time we miss, until we don’t miss at all. We are allowed to miss and we are allowed to get it wrong, but Sagittarius teaches us to never stop growing and learning and never stop aiming for our hopes and dreams; never give up faith that we are able, and can. Neptune lends us the ability to dream, and Jupiter enlarges that vision and also grounds it. We are being asked to examine and parse the foundation of our emotional habits and beliefs, and upgrade our structure.