New Moon in Leo / Mercury Stations Direct by jill mckenna

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The new moon happened at 8 degrees of Leo. The sabian symbol for the point is: Glass Blowers Shape Beautiful Vases With Their Controlled Breathing. If you have ever blown glass, it's an amazing practice, one that forces you to be wholly, physically present. Fire, breathing, weight, heat, timing, motion... it's an incredible act of alchemy to turn sand into glass by fire, hardened in water. This moon grants us no less than this process for ourselves.

The new moon on Weds was a potent wrap on a wild eclipse season and a sloggy Mercury retrograde. With so many other planets stationed retro now, this new moon (coinciding with Mercury direct) illuminates the path for our intentions, realized or created through insight and information gained in July. This new moon offers a lot of raw creative power, and dead-ends many outdated and tired paths and situations.

Leo is ruled by the Sun so we have an opportunity to think about what the best outward expression of us is. What's the best, healthy use of our ego, the best expression of our will? When are we embodying integrity, courage, intuition, and peace? Leo is a sign that's comfortable being present with itself, in its own skin, entirely where it is. In its high expression, Leo is generous, peaceful, warm, and creative. We all have Leo in our charts. We all have these gifts.


Dysfunctional Leo expression is tyranny, self-delusion, destruction, reactivity, narcissism, and pridefulness. If we find ourselves treating people or situations poorly or devaluing others and the dreams that light us up, we can know we are in fear of being present with, kind towards, and trusting of ourselves. Now though, we are being asked to meet life bravely, assured that we already have the tools to diplomatically address any difficulty that can arise due to encountering the world with pure compassion. The lion chooses to stir, chooses to respond, chooses to engage because it's confident, regal, and knows its own motives. The lion trusts itself, its needs, and its courage, completely. It never flees its own heart or mind; it’s entirely intuitive through total self-knowledge and presence.

This new moon is a bright, clean, blank sheet after scores of cluttered pages filled with manically scribbled emotional marginalia. With influence from Venus and Uranus, this moon urges creativity, passion, heart-centeredness, play, romance, and moving well out of and past our points of comfort. Things are wonderfully, gloriously new now, and if they don't feel quite that way yet, hang on.

The new moon conjunct Venus and square Uranus offers breakdowns or breakthroughs -- is there somewhere we feel stuck or tense or pulled that needs to release and give? We might encounter that now. We might suddenly see someone or something very clearly, through a jolting or shocking realization, allowing us to know what or who is or is not authentic (quite possibly, it's us). The square to Uranus grafts tension between our freedom, will, and new ideas about sensuality and abundance. This tension will be echoed on 8/2 when Venus squares Uranus.