full Moon in Libra, 4/19 by jill mckenna

the lovers, anima mundi tarot, megan wyreweden

the lovers, anima mundi tarot, megan wyreweden

Full Moon in Libra, 4/19 - Full moons are a culmination of feeling. Our emotions build up with the moon's increasing illumination, only to be slowly released again. This year we have 2 full moons in Libra (in tarot, The Lovers), a rare occurrence. One was on March 20th, the other happens Friday. Libra is self & other, individuality & partnership, where we end and another begins. With so much moonlight in Libra, we've been drawn to examine how we create balance (or struggle) when it comes to self and others. How can we keep the scales still and balanced or how do we overwhelm them? Much like Hanged Man in tarot, the balanced position is temporary; everything must come out of balance to be put back into it. Every person has Libra in their chart and wrestles with this.

One place to begin considering this full moon is by thinking back to March 20th. Where were your feelings regarding self and another? Where were you in or out of balance related to partnership? And, how has that personal narrative progressed to now? 

The full moon Friday happens at 29° Libra, the end of the sign, and it makes rough aspects to the planets of transformation and karma, Pluto and Saturn, as well as disruptive Uranus. We might be feeling regret or frustration based on how we've behaved in the past or even the distant relationships that have left us scarred. But this full moon is an opportune time to forgive yourself and others. We don't have to remain in a self-punishing or victimized or emotionally neutered stance, we simply have to learn from the image cast by seeing ourselves reflected in another and work methodically.

With the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. we're asked where and how we can be fully us, and balanced by a peer partner. This doesn't mean casting our bad habits before us as a test and saying "Hmph! Take it or leave it!" (as that profanes the scales) but shining our vitality, will, and purpose, while reflecting back the vitality, will, and purpose of another. How and where do we become better for working to be in harmonious relationships? How does our individuality become more faceted, realized, and versed by providing that same mirror and illumination for someone else, by holding dynamic tension?

Think of the way scales balance with sand or salt and ingredients of alchemy. Think of how just a few grains make the difference; one too many and the scales slide barely off center. Scales are profaned when reactively, heavily weighted to one side or the other. But small actions, small movements, staying present with the individual grains, makes the work about fine-tuning and precision versus force.